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About Us


MAX  Academy for Excellence, familiarly known as MAX  Academy, was founded in 1993 under the directorship of Dr. J.N. Reddy.   


Today, MAX  Academy stands as :

   India’s ONLY organisation to train in complete Self-development skills for people of all ages and professions.

 India’s ONLY organisation to train several ordinary people to set a number of National and World Records in Memory. 

 MAX  Academy has conducted several in house workshops to a number of MNC’s & Indian Corporate organisations. 

 MAX  Academy also trained Tamil Nadu Police, Civil servants, and employees of several Governmental and non-Governmental organisations. 

  The ONLY organisation to present the World’s biggest Memory Shows and Fairs.

 MAX  Academy has brought out a number of invaluable products such as : 

   Scientific Study Chair for peak concentration, Meditation CD for peace and concentration, Study Planner, Achiever’s Planner and unique Self-empowerment  books such as:

   How  to Excel in Studies & Score   High arks, The Art of Effective Parenting and Excel Digest in many languages.

  In the last 25 years MAX Academy has trained over 1,75,000 people in more than 1700 workshops and given over 1000 guest talks for various institutions all over India and

   abroad and inspired lakhs of people. 

  MAX  Academy has been interviewed by the Press and T.V. Media. 

 Dr. J.N. Reddy, The founder - Director of MAX  Academy (formerly a professor of Loyola College, Chennai, for several years) has been honoured with over a dozen awards

   including : Outstanding Personality Award, Super Intellectual Award, Seva Ratna and Master Genius, Dr. Reddy’s biographical note has been included in Reference Asia –

   Who is who : Men & Women of Excellence 2003 – 04. 


MAX  Faculty


Dr. J.N. Reddy

The Director, MAX  Academy for Excellence ( MAX Academy )

  Dr.J.N.Reddy, The Director of MAX  Academy , is a scientist, professor and a psychologist by practice. He holds a doctorate in Chemistry and was

   a  professor at Loyola College, Chennai for about twenty years.

  He has designed and facilitates MAX  Academy Excel motivational programmes for public and MAX  Academy Corporate Excellence for

   Corporate organizations.

  With years of research in practical psychology, Dr.Reddy has evolved several down-to-earth techniques for Self-development and performance


  He is a prolific speaker at various fora, and his presentations are highly acclaimed by one and all.

  Dr. Reddy's work is extensively covered by the English and vernacular Press. He has also been interviewed by a number of T.V. Channels.

  Several Trainers have emerged out of Dr.Reddy's Training.


 Dr. J.N. Reddy

Dr.Reddy is a recipient of various awards like:


  "Outstanding Personality of the Year 1998" by Management Studies Promotion Institute (New Delhi).

  "Distinguished Leadership Award" by American Biographical Institute.

  "Super Intellectual Award 2000" by All India Management Council.

  "Master Genius Award" by TAP Foundation International, Bangalore.

  "Seva Ratna 2002 Award", Chennai.

  Fascinator's "Achiever's Award 2003" .

  Biographical note included in "Reference Asia - Who's Who of Men & Women of Excellence" 2003 - 2004.

  Biographical note in " Asia's Who's Who of Men And Women of Achievement" .


Mr. S.R. Venkat

Deputy Director - Research & Training, MAX  Academy for Excellence

  Limca Record holder in Perpetual calendar.

  Faculty of MAX  Academy to conduct MAX Academy Excel Student's workshops.

  He was a key member of the organizing committee of National and Asian Memory Championships held during 1999, 2000 & 2001.

  He was a key member in conceptualizing World's first ever Memory Fair held during 2001 in Chennai.
  He is involved in the development of new programs & packages offered by MAX  Academy .

  He is involved in MAX  Academy research to develop several new techniques for Self-development.

  He has rendered counseling to several students.  


Mr. S.R. Venkat


Mr. Antony George

Head - Handwriting Division, MAX  Academy for Excellence

  Faculty in Soft Skills & Scientific Learning Skills

  Involved in the development of program and packages for Beautiful Handwriting.

  Conducted training programs for Prodigies, Junior & Senior students for writing beautiful handwriting.

  Rendered counseling to several students.


Mr. Antony George


...and a team of faculty members