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MAX Corporate Excellence Workshop

A unique workshop for down-to-earth Life skills to Excel!

Result of 20 years of research on several thousands of people of all professions.

Will alone is not enough to be successful. One needs Skill too! Fortunately, both will and skill can be nurtured!

MAX Corporate Excellence workshop is aimed to help Excellence driven organisations to make the best still better.


    Workshop training methodology

    ►  Interactive

    ►   Dynamics based

    ►  Simple yet scientific

    ►  Practical yet result oriented

    ►  Down-to-earth techniques

    ►  Effective tools

    ►  Sustenance material

    ►  Anchoring to day- to- day life


    Various workshops offered by MAX Academy

    ♣ Professional Excellence

    ♣ Personal Excellence

    ♣ IQ EQ - SQ

    ♣ Life style management

    ♣ Leadership

    ♣ Team building

     ♣ Corporate Harmony

    ♣ Corporate Etiquette

     ♣ Effective communication

    ♣ Stress & Crisis management ( De-Stress)

    ♣ Attitude Reengineering

    ♣ Time management

    ♣ Brain power management and Super Memory techniques

    ♣ Work Effectiveness

    ♣ Goal Setting & Accomplishment

    ♣ Financial management

    ♣ Organisational loyalty


 Impact of the workshop

            The following results can be seen within JUST ONE WEEK after attending the Workshop :

        Tremendous improvement in Performance        

        Meticulous in Time Management

        Very positive in Approach

        Effective in Stress Management               

        Effortless at Work

        Remarkable change in Memory

        Sound in Health

        Instant in Energy &

        Much better as a human-being