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MAX deStress Workshop  - Exclusive for IT Professionals

A Mini Workshop for Many Benefits !

The Challenge !

Each minute is very valuable for every IT company. and hence, greater attention is needed to preserve work effectiveness of personnel by helping then to overcome STRESS !

At the same time, not much time can be spared for it due to the pressure of Project deadlines !

The Solution ? !

MAX  deStress, a mini workshop provides a wonderful solution to save:

i) Millions of dollars worth man hours &

ii) Health of the Personnel !

How much time it takes !

Just 4 hrs !

...either at a stretch or in  2 sessions

...in your own conference hall at your convenient timings !

What is required of the organization !

To provide this unique and practical workshop for all the personnel in batches (batch size: 25-30)


Stress on relieving STRESS !

That makes Performance Effortless !!


How it is Achieved !

Thro' Extraordinary Techniques such as:

Instant Energy Secrets (to overcome tiresomeness)

Body Yawning (for effortless working)

Alpha Breathing (for peak concentration)

Meditation (for complete body & mind relaxation)

Yoga Swasa (for sound health)

Yoga Nidra (for complete rest)

Stress Management

Tension Release

Anxiety removal

Protection of Eyes thro' palming & blinking

Protection of Back with apt sitting postures !

                                               .........  and many more !

Impact of the Workshop !

From the very next day after the workshop, it can be seen

Tremendous improvement in work effectiveness !

Ability to work effortlessly for long hours !

Cheerfulness throughout the day !

    .... which means,

MAX deStress  guarantees

to the organisation, saving of enormous Money !

....and to their Personnel, Health & Harmony 1!

 Exclusive for IT Professionals