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How To Excel in Studies & Score High Marks (in 10 Languages)

Excel-A Unique Self-Development Digest (In English & Tamil)

The Art of Effective Parenting (in 10 Languages)

Storm Your BRAIN

MAX  Academy Study Chair

BSM Meditation (Audio Cassette & CD)

Student Study Monitor (CD)

Student's Study Planner

Achiever's Planner for Executives

How To Excel in Studies & Score High Marks  (A unique book on Invaluable Scientific Learning Skills

First of its kind !       Learn


  Scientific Study methods


          Peak Concentration Tech.

           Instant Energy Techniques

          Speed reading & writing

          Memory Techniques

          Brain Activation

           Getting up early

           Time management

    Exam preparation

    Exam presentation

  Visualization   and many more

Excel - A Unique Self-development Digest  (In English & Tamil)


It is a life-time Gift for everyone! The digest is full of articles worth thousands. Many sayings in the digest inspire one to spread the goodness of the digest. The fact that a Sixth Edition is being brought out in just 4 years, shows the popularity of the digest. It is acclaimed by the Press, Scholars and Readers as one of the greatest books ever brought out on Self-development.

The Art of Effective Parenting

An eye-opener to an average Indian parent. Deals with 10 invaluable principles of effective parenting. It's a compilation of public lectures given by Dr. Reddy to several thousands of parents from Delhi to down South. A must-read for every parent!

MAX Student Study Monitor (Free Audio CD With The Art of Effective Parenting)


Storm Your BRAIN


This is not just another book on puzzles, but a uniquely different one which trains to enhance your IQ power through analytical, logical, mathematical, creative, language and speed teasers. This book is the result of Dr Reddys passion for brain-teasers for over 30 years. On working this book, in just one month, you will find your brain-power improved remarkably. While this book is a big boon to every aspiring individual, those students and others preparing for competitive exams, would find it extremely useful. It is designed in such a way that an individual's puzzle-solving ability is developed tremendously.



MAX  Academy Study Chair


The chair is designed scientifically - angled and ergonomically moulded for peak concentration. Students can sit in the chair for hours together and study without any body pain. It is the first of its kind in India. It is a result of over 10 years of research by Dr. J.N. Reddy.

BSM Meditation (Audio Cassette & CD)


Bahulla siddhi meditation improves concentration, helps get energy to work, activates left and right brain powerfully, motivates to set and visualize Goal and get focused to accomplish it. The entire meditation is performed with a background of wonderful music, sound of waterfalls and birds' sounds. This meditation is practiced by thousands of people all over the world.

Student Study Monitor (SSM)  -  Audio CD

This is a great boon to students for a perfect daily routine and systematic study pattern. Also, this is a wonderful tool for parents to monitor and guide the children effortlessly. This audio CD consists of 30 tracks with powerful background music. SSM is bound to make every student excel in studies and flourish in life!

Student Study Planner





A result of over 10 years of research and experimentation with thousands of students. A unique concept diary developed by Dr.J.N.Reddy Ph.D. (Director of MAX Academy) to help the students to be very clear about their GOAL and to guide them to achieve it effectively. It improves learning potential, Memory and Time Management enormously; makes the student systematic and moulds the personality and helps to cultivate good habits.

Student Study Planner is a result of over 10 years of research and experimentation with thousands of students. Some features of this diary are as below:

This is a concept diary and it is unique. It comes with a user's manual.

This diary can be started any day and so it will not be out-dated even after years.

The Student Study Planner consists of 2 parts:

Volume 1

Volume 2



The first part is: Goal Diary

It contains columns on

Today's Study Plan
Today's Special Skills Plan



This is extremely useful for effective Time Management.



The second part is: MEMORY diary, which is a real boon to remember all the matters, which were studied. This is based on scientific research.

In addition, the diary contains valuable quotes on sound health and personality development.

More valuable information for students like,



Perpetual calendar for 200 years



Periodic Tables



Information about inspiring achievers



Countries and Capitals



Year planner to cover all subjects.


Effect of Student study planner on students:


I. Student study planner does 7 wonders!


  It helps the student to be very clear about his GOAL and guides him to achieve it effectively!


  Improves Learning potential remarkably!


  Improves Memory tremendously!


  Improves Time Management enormously!


  Helps the student score very high marks in Exams!


  Makes the user more orderly & systematic!


  Moulds the personality and helps to cultivate good health habits!



II. Most elegantly brought out 400 pages.

Achiever's Planner for Executives

Achiever's Planner 428 Page, World's one of the largest planners ever designed !

7 Wonders it does.


Helps to be very clear about prime goal and guides to pursue it meticulously !


Improves both Earning and Learning potential remarkably !


Improves memory tremendously !


Improves time management enormously !


Makes more orderly and systematic !


Helps cultivate health habits !


Moulds personality to enjoy every moment of Life !

Unlike other diaries and planners MAX  Academy Achiever's planner can be used from any date for next 365 Days !