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MAX  Academy Beautiful Hand Writing Workshop
Students Workshop
Executives Workshop
Corporate Excellence Workshop


Beautiful Hand Writing Workshop - Reflections from the Principals

Handwriting to a student is like a brush to an artist or sruthi to a musician. MAX training gives a fresh lease of life to those students who have a poor handwriting. May the good work of Dr. Reddy continue.

 Mrs. Vijayalakshmi
( Academic Administrator & Co-ordinator,former Principal, PSBB Group of Schools, Chennai)

The training given to improve the handwriting of students is so simple yet so effective that some of our students who were referred to MAX  showed a dramatic change in their handwriting and presentation.

 Mrs. P. Rajeswari Menon, Principal
(SBOA School, Anna Nagar, Chennai)

Thanks to MAX  training, my daughter's handwriting has now become excellent even in an unruled paper!

Prof. P.V.Geetha, Head of Maths Dept.,
(Meenakshi College, Chennai)


Students Workshop

This program was really interesting one. As, I entered, I did not have any idea (i.e... have to prepare for university exams). I am sure that my concentration power, my tension will be reduced. You, explained how to prepare for our daily portion. Hope, I think if had an opportunity in my 12th std, and if. I know the idea of F.F. notes, I would have scored more marks.
The idea which you gave for exam presentation was excellent. I think that I will surely be able to score more marks, than I am scoring now. Grantee, that I will follow this & be a successful person.

S. Nithu

I feel happy for my best and wonderful experience from you. I know several things from you. I think it is definitely useful to me. I change my self from today onwards, like of your thoughts. I will win. I can win from the best teaching of you.

R.Muthu selvam

This program is very useful for us. MAX  Academy tells many useful things to the students. If any student practices regularly he will succeed. MAX  Academy tells about the Bahula siddhi meditation with help of meditation my mind is calm and peaceful. Hand writing days are very excellent. I regularly do the meditation in the morning before sunrise. I agree you. I will practice regularly.


The last four days we receive many useful things from MAX Academy. Surely I will practice the technique which you given for our student. It’s really a wonderful technique for scoring high marks in the examination, Thanking you.

D.Sathees Kumar

The last four days was very useful for all students. This program told fantastic techniques. Study techniques and exam high scoring techniques very useful for all students. The man like importance meditation. Surely all techniques are very useful for all of us student’s.


It is very useful for me. Really I accept it MAX  techniques all are based science. So I appreciate it. Meditation is important only for students. I accept this one. But, they trained me how to change my mind. I think it makes me a good student. Finally, I prove my originality I promise I follow MAX's  techniques. Thank you.

R. Ramya

I have enjoyed all the programs in MAX . I feel that this program would be a turning point in my life. I assure you that I will definitely practice all the events delivered by the MAX  Academy. I feel that this programs will definitely brings peace to our mind and body and it shows the way to our success. It gives enough self-confidence to our selves. Thank you.

N. Rekha


Executives Workshop

MAX  Academy training Scheme is built on time-tested down-to-earth techniques which are a treasure-house for obtaining skills & personality development.


S. Rajendran
(Asst. Editor, The Hindu Business Line)

MAX  Academy workshop is so engrossing that time simply flies. Each day’s program of 9 hrs just seems to be so short that we will yearn for more. Imagine 9 hrs, and not a moment of boredom!


Dr. John Morais
(Principal, Guru Nanak College, Chennai)

It is a terrific training course and a real mind opener, makes one shed inhibition and excavate hidden talents. Highly professional and very purposeful training.


Ms. Nirmala Baskar
(Director, Japanese Language School)

I & my wife Dr. Chitra Kailash have benefited immensely from this wonderful program. It has improved memory, interpersonal relations and has helped to manage our time effectively.


Dr. G.S. Kailash, M.D
(A leading Pulmonologist of Chennai)

I am happy that I did this course. I request Dr. Reddy to serve people all over the world; this world requires people like him.


A.R. Shantilal Nahar
(Trainer himself & Businessman)

I was indeed privileged to have been part of the program. I enjoyed it so much that I arranged it to my middle & senior management executives. They enjoyed and benefited as much as I did from many wonderful things learnt.


Jawahar Vadivelu
M.B.A.(AIM, Manila)

The MAX  Academy Excel course has been a transforming experience. It has improved my productivity at work, sharpened my intellect and has given me a whole new perspective to human relations. At the end of it all – I am not the same person !


R. Anuradha, M.A., P.G.D.J.
(Reporter, The Indian Express)

MAX  Academy Workshop has influenced me to be more positive in my outlook & interpersonal relations. I am practicing self-hypnosis & autosuggestion techniques every day to ensure perfection at my work place.


Dr. S. Jayaraman
(Former Principal, Guru Nanak College, Chennai)

I and my husband wanted to lead an exemplary life, get rid of procrastination, get up early, improve self-confidence and communication skills for better public relations. All in nutshell, we acquired thro’ simple, scientific techniques. Thanks to MAX  Excel.


Mrs. Anjana Viswanath
( a housewife & a social worker)

 The training given to improve the handwriting of students is so simple yet so effective that some of our students who were referred to MAX , showed a dramatic change in their handwriting and presentation.

Mrs. P. Rajeswari Menon (Principal)
(SBOA Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Chennai)

 MAX  training gives a fresh lease of life to those students who have a poor handwriting. May the good work of Dr. Reddy continue.

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi
(Academic Administrator & Coordinator, PSBB Group of Schools, Chennai)



Corporate Excellence Workshop

I gained immensely, particularly in memory, concentration, relaxation & zen as a way of life. Overall, I came out a better person which prompted me to take MAX  to GOA also !


R. Muralidhar, M.B.A.
(President(Redt.), IFB Industries, Goa)

After attending MAX , my approach to life has changed. The techniques helped me to have a jubilant & untiring day every day with just 6 hrs. of sleep.


Mr. S. Selvaganapathy, (Mech)
(Safety Engineer, L&T)

After attending this MAX  Workshop, my life is transformed!


Mr. Banka
(M.D., ISPAT Group, Indonesia)

I had the fortune of attending several National and International workshops. But MAX  is the only workshop where we were given down-to-earth techniques that can be practiced by anyone.


Mr. Nanda Kumar
(CEO, Sabri Distribution Pvt. Ltd., Cochin)

Inspite of the fact that I am a Trainer myself, I found the workshop to be a novel experience. Hats off to Dr. Reddy for the unique and simple way of keeping all the participants interested till the end.


Mr. Murali Nair
(An International Jaycees Trainer and a HRD Consultant)