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MAX Academy Students Junior Workshop Package

Training Module

Total Sessions: 16
Duration: 2 Hrs 30 Mins


Salient Features of the Workshop


To explode mental blocks, to get self-confidence, positive thinking, self-hypnosis and auto-suggestions.

Extraordinary Memory

World's most intensive memory training to get unbelievable Memory improvement. Permanent memory, Natural memory & Creative memory; Most effective to remember any subject matter, data, thousands of objects, digits, perpetual calendar, etc.

Learning Skills & Brain Activation

Thorough training to 'learn to learn', the super skill; to activate left & right brain at will.

Study Atmosphere

When? where? how? and how long to study? Many scientific tips, extremely useful!

Examination Preparation & Presentation

Extremely useful to score HIGH MARKS in Exams. Unbelievable results! Several high scoring techniques to ensure RANKS!

Instant Activity Techniques

Wonder techniques to wake up early; to get instant energy, relaxation & alertness; body yawning and instant tension release.


Analysis of handwriting, Strokes, Maturity & Speed-writing.

Concentration Techniques

Superb concentration power through various physical, psychological and meditational techniques; speed reading and speed-writing.

Effective Communication

To become a powerful speaker through training in Verbal, Non Verbal & Body language.

Time Management & Entertainment

To save Time by 8 times! Effective training for punctuality and prioritizing; How to manage T.V. & gossip? A MUST for an aspiring student!

Goal Setting

Guides to set and realize GOALS without tension in unique style!

Analytical and Logical Skills

Through analytical, logical, mathematical and scientific puzzles, other brain teasers, analytical problems - highly helpful for competitive exams.

Personality Development

To instill in the student a pleasant, positive attitude towards self, parents, elders and society; to get the essence of value education.