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Super Memory

MAX  Academy Special Exclusive Workshop for Super Memory & Brain Activation

( World's most intensive Memory Trainers Who set Limca & World Records )

Memory Package
Records set by MAX  Academy
Double Ashtavadhanam

Memory Package


Why people forget ?
( Subconscious doubts & wrong beliefs, aspects of confidence build up )


Why good Memory ?
( Knowledge & memory ; Memory--Work-effectiveness and achievements, interpersonal relations)


Brain activation
(Use of both sides of brain for better memory & performance)


Dynamics of Memory ( To Register, Retain & Recall )


Absentmindedness ( Down-to-Earth techniques to overcome the problem )


Memory Objects Technique
( To memorise 100's of objects with numbers and to recall in any order )


Memory Digits Technique
( To memorise 100's of random digit numbers and to recall in any order )


Rote Memory Technique
( A scientific technique to improve Natural memory with in just 1 MONTH )


Story-related Memory Technique
( A creative technique to memorise a number of objects )


Mnemonics Memory Technique
( A technique to memorise anything thro' codes,words or sentences )


Vedic Memory Technique
( A vedic technique to memorise any verses ditto )


Memory Diary for Permanent Memory
( A wonderful tool from   
MAX    to remember things permanently. A boon to any one ! )


Memory Software Writing
MAX  Academy   unique method of software writing for any matter to remember )


Memory Applications
( To remember anything under the sun! For example, to memorise Income Tax acts, Constitution Law Codes, Telephone no's, Names & Faces, Anecdotes, Talks, Subject matter and the like )


Perpetual Calendar ( To tell the day for any given date in any century )


Memory Percentage
( To quantitatively measure memory percentage a scientific method )



Duration:10 intensive sessions


Eligibility :

Any one from teen age to retired People.




Housewives-to- Businessmen.



.....This is why   MAX  Academy   Memory training is The World's most intensive training !




Random Objects


Random Digits


Pin Codes


Periodic table


Historical dates


Countries & Capitals, Capitals of States


Magazine (Excel Self development Digest, India Today, Week, Outlook ... for that matter any book)


Perpetual Calendar


Income Tax Act


Companies Act


Civil Procedure Codes




Diseases & Symptoms


Difficult Words


GRE Word list


Bhagavad Gita




Phone Numbers


STD Codes


Melakartha Ragas                                     and many more......


Limca Records set by MAX  Academy


1996    -   Click here to view the image

2001    -   Click here to view  the image

2002    -   Click here to view  the image

2003    -   Click here to view  the image

2004    -   Click here to view  the image

2005    -   Click here to view  the image

2006    -   Click here to view  the image

2007    -   Click here to view  the image


Double Ashtavadhanam