UPLIFT Destinies  -  A Noble & Unique Educational Project to UPLIFT the life of the Under- Privileged Children



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Project prepared

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after 18 years

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Action Plan


This unique Project consists of 4 components :

1. Training to Students & Teachers
2. Follow-up to monitor the effect
3. Materials on Scientific Learning Skills (to sustain the training)

4. Personal counseling & monitoring



Each student is empowered with a unique 2-day Training program (to be organised in several batches) in the first phase by MAX Academy on Scientific Learning Skills such as:

Scientific aspects of Study Atmosphere
Programming the Mind
Concentration Techniques
Instant Energy Techniques
Speed Reading & Writing
Memory Techniques
Left & Right Brain Activation
Systematic Study Planning
Scientific Study Pattern
Exam Preparation & Presentation Techniques and
High Scoring Techniques

In addition to the above,

Motivation, Values and Virtues & Social responsibility will also be imparted

This training will surely boost the studentís confidence tremendously and inspire him to compete on par with the privileged students of the society.


Simultaneously, 10,000 teachers also get equipped for 2-days (in several batches) with those techniques mentioned above, to guide the students.

Follow-up :

The above training is refreshed in the second phase with 1-day training for both students and teachers. This ensures lasting results. All the 2 million students and 10,000 teachers will undergo the refresher program in several batches.

Materials :

To support and sustain the impact, the following unique materials in the form of books will be provided to both Students & Teachers.

Each under-privileged student is equipped with 2 unique books (in his / her mother tongue) on Learning Skills :


    Volume 1 Volume 2

authored by Dr. J.N. Reddy, after 25 years of intensive research on Scientific Learning Skills.

(These books are highly acclaimed by many eminent academicians, scholars and Principals of reputed institutions. These authentic books equip the students with 100 super scientific study Techniques with systematic memory organization of the subjects into their sub-conscious thus nurturing them to emerge as performers par excellence to stand on par with the privileged students.