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Credentials & Service Activities of the collaborating Body, MAX Academy


MAX Academy for Excellence, familiarly known as MAX Academy was founded in 1993 under the directorship of Dr. J.N. Reddy. During the last 17 years, MAX Academy has rendered several service activities. Some of them are listed below:

1. MAX Academy has trained thousands of poor students on self-development skills free of cost.

2. MAX Academy has organised several exclusive workshops and seminars for college & school principals in various cities and towns in India, without any charges.

3. The Academy has also offered free training to over a hundred thousand parents on “The Art of Effective Parenting”.

4. Equipped several thousands of students with materials on scientific learning skills FREE OF COST.

5. Given over 1000 guest talks, speeches & demonstrations and benefited hundreds of thousands of people.

6. Free entry for both participants and spectators at various National and International Memory Championships organized by MAX Academy.

7. Trained several youngsters to set a number of Limca & World Records in Life Skills such as Memory and Handwriting at no cost.

8. Trained a number of government and quasi-government personnel either FREE OF COST or with a very nominal honorarium.

9. Counselled several thousands of students, parents and general public FREE OF COST.

10. MAX Academy has also rendered free service to several schools, colleges, institutions and universities on Scientific Learning Skills.

In recognition to the above service activities and its years of research in the field of self-empowerment skills, MAX Academy has been honored with the following:

1. Dr. J.N. Reddy, the founder - director of MAX Academy (formerly a professor of Loyola College, Chennai, for several years) has been honored with over a dozen awards including:

           Outstanding Personality Award
           Super Intellectual Award
           Seva Ratna
           Master Genius
           Dr. Reddy’s biographical note has been included in

         Reference Asia – Who's who : Men & Women of Excellence 2003 – 04.

2. MAX Academy has been interviewed by the Press and T.V. Media.

3. MAX Academy is bestowed with 80 G exemption from Income Tax and FCRA sanction from the Govt. of India to receive foreign funds.