UPLIFT Destinies  -  A Noble & Unique Educational Project to UPLIFT the life of the Under- Privileged Children



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    This first of its kind, unique Educational project brings about revolutionary changes in the process of learning. It tremendously helps the students understand the subjects effortlessly and remember permanently. As a result, the students not only get high marks in their Exams, but also master the subjects. This certainly facilitates the under-privileged students get thoroughly equipped to compete and come up on par with the students from the creamy layer of the society.

 Dr. J.N. Reddy

     Hence, though there could be innumerable number of educational projects offered to the under-privileged students by various agencies, UPLIFT Destinies project is unique and the only project of its kind in the whole country. This project to come to light, it took over 18 years of intensive work in the field of scientific learning skills by MAX Academy. That is why, this could be the noblest mission to cherish with the commendable philanthropic support from your end.

Let us join hands to UPLIFT the under - privileged !