UPLIFT Destinies  -  A Noble & Unique Educational Project to UPLIFT the life of the Under- Privileged Children



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The Project


Why this Project?

It’s a known fact that the under-privileged children are generally deprived of exposure to the learning methodologies during their studies. This makes them feel inferior to others. As a result, their scoring ability and understanding of the subjects take a beating and in turn the children lose interest in studies.

This has been identified as one of the telling reasons for the increase in the number of dropouts in the Corporation schools and Government schools of both rural and urban locations. It is disheartening that most of the school drop outs discontinue their education construing it beyond their comprehension. Unfortunately, it is mainly because of unscientific way of learning, resulting in hardships to understand and assimilate the subject matter. It is also observed that some of them even end up getting played in to the hands of anti-social elements at times. Hence, there is an urgent need to change this scenario and the prime way out is to provide them quality education. For this noble cause a unique project called UPLIFT Destinies came in to light.

The Vision

To meet the challenges of high level competition from all corners, every student should acquire quality Education. And for that, the students needs to use fullest potential. In tune with that vision, millions of under-privileged children have to be exposed to the nuances of scientific learning skills so that they equip themselves adequately to meet any challenge.

The Mission

To provide necessary tools and apt training to “UPLIFT” the under-privileged students so that they perform better in their studies and get equal opportunities on par with the creamy layer. This noble mission is envisaged by MAX Academy with financial support from socially-concerned charitable organizations.

The Action

To equip TWO Million under-privileged students from about 2000 schools across rural and urban India thro’ this noble project “UPLIFT Destinies”. About 10,000 resource teachers to be trained to guide them continuously.